Introducing the Buddha of Monmouth University, Professor Mary Harris. I was raiding YouTube and I found her channel! This video made me feel like I was sitting in her class listening to her give her excellent life advice. Professor Harris has a lifestyle channel called Sprout & Blossom to accompany her blog/website Sprout and Blossom Wellness. Subscribe/follow her for overall happiness in your life. #Harristocracy


#ThrowbackThursday: More to Life- Stacie Orrico

This will forever be one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Orrico’s voice is flawless. The message in this song is beautiful and very relevant to our generation.

“There’s gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me…”


#ThrowbackThursday: Come Clean- Hilary Duff

If you didn’t know this song by heart because of the countless Laguna Beach reruns on MTV, we can’t be friends… The original teen Disney Princess hit a home run with this song.

“I’m shedding
Shedding every color
Trying to find a pigment of truth
Beneath my skin”

Best Always,