26 Lessons the Kardashians Taught Us About Staying Positive

I have two thoughts on positivity.

  1. It’s really important to be positive through all of life’s situations.
  2. #1 is really easier said than done and being positive is out of many people’s control.

The Kardashians are everywhere you turn your head. Although drama and controversy always follow the infamous family, one can’t deny they know how to spin the most terrifying situations in life, into something positive ($ and lucrative $).

They are here today to put a positive spin on your life. Here are some uplifting tips for whenever you are feeling down.

1) Appreciate the little things.

kendall jenner animated GIF

2) Be fully proud of who you are no matter what.

3) Channel your creativity.


4) Always make the time to dazzle.

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5) Expand your vocabulary.

A new book or an online magazine should do the trick.

6) Practice the art of being friendly.

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7) Generosity is key.

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::share that célfie::

8) Be honest, to yourself and others.

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9) Never let the haters get you down.

10) Know how to take a joke.life animated GIF

11) Laughing does the heart good.

12) Remember life is a on-going learning process.kim kardashian animated GIF

13) And it doesn’t go as planned most of the time.


14) Stray away from the drama as much as humanly possible.

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15) Originality is beautiful.

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16) Have a cupcake.

There’s just something about portion controlled frosting when you’re down.

17) Spend quality time with loved ones.

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18) Make time to relax.

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19) Shine bright and don’t be sorry.

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20) Teach yourself something new.keeping up with the kardashians animated GIF

21) Do some hardcore self-evaluation.

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22) Vulnerability is okay.

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Crying is farthest sign of weakness, especially as an adult. Sometimes it takes more courage to be honest with yourself and your emotions and let it out.

23) Wholeheartedly follow your passions.

24) It’s perfectly fine to want me-time

25) Stay young-at-heart.

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26) Zany is completely fine once in a while.

Let it go and have a good time! Life is too short to not do so ❤

Best Always,