7 Things To Never Settle For In A Relationship

Inspired by the article called 7 Things To Never Settle For In A Relationship by Tricia Miller published by Thought Catalog, here are 7 more things to never settle for in a relationship:

1. Someone cocky.

giphy (20)

Well put Bender…

Humility is a prime and rare virtue in a males nowadays. Don’t ever go for the man that was suave on the first date, someone who really likes you will always be a little nervous.

2. Someone who makes you feel inferior.

giphy (21)

My hero Joe…

Your relationship shouldn’t be a follower-leader relationship. If you want someone who will treat you like an inferior, go find a job with a boss. Your partner should make you feel like what you are, an equal.

3. Someone who doesn’t listen to you, like really listen.

giphy (22)

Listen like Lloyd…

If your partner is constantly changing the subject or you feel as if he can’t carry a conversation with him, dump him. Someone who really likes you will talk about anything that you want to talk about.

4. Someone who doesn’t notice when you’ve changed something dramatic about yourself.

giphy (23)

It’s Wayne’s world we just live in it…

There’s a difference between not noticing a 1-inch haircut and a loss of 30 lbs. Leave, immediately.

5. Someone who treats their mother like crap.

giphy (24)

His relationship with his mother is a good indicator of what his relationship with other women will be like. Pay close attention.

6. Someone who treats waiters or animals like crap.

Why have this..

giphy (26)

When you can have:

giphy (25)

7. Someone who refuses to consider opinions and beliefs that are different than their own.

Close-minded people never make it far in life and are just annoying. You don’t need that kind of person in your life.

giphy (28)YES BRITNEY YES!

Best Always,



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