5 Things Little Sisters Should Remember To Thank Their Big Sisters For

“Sisters by chance, best friends by choice.”

Thought Catalog

When I was younger, I used to hate my older sister. I felt like we were polar opposites, and I never felt worthy of her presence. We would argue until I was in tears, and we never had the best relationship. Even though I basically hated her, I always looked up to her for some reason. Everything she did was so cool, and I desperately yearned to be her friend. That was my one life goal as a kid. 

As we grew older and more mature, we realized that all of our arguments and fights were petty in the scheme of it all. It was easier to appreciate and be kind to each other. Once we started treating each other like friends as opposed to enemies, that’s when I realized how amazing it is to have an older sister.

And I’ll tell you the top 5 reasons why having a big…

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