13 Things No One Tells You About Being A Woman

When you do something unpopular, you will be called crazy.

Thought Catalog

With help from Ella Ceron.


1. Everything you do is wrong and right at the same time. A guy may like your dress while another may say you’re leading with your sexuality — don’t you have a brain or a personality? You live your entire life having to make men happy, and having to be a good example for women and having to live up to everyone’s expectations — AND make yourself happy.

2. It will be really weird to fit into your gender role. When you find yourself being subservient to a man or enjoying something like cooking you start to wonder if it means you’re weak or a bad feminist. You have to question every natural desire you have and wonder if you truly enjoy the thing or if you are just conditioned to like it.

3. People will always tell you you are being emotional.

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