14 Things New Jersey Does Better

Thought Catalog

Make fun of New Jersey all you want – more room on the beach for me.

1. City accessibility

Not that I really ever want to leave NJ, but if I do, I have plenty of options. I live about an hour from New York City, an hour from Philadelphia, and less than two hours from Atlantic City. Baltimore, Boston, and Washington, D.C. are all close enough for a long weekend trip. You can’t beat the East Coast in that sense.

2. Celebrities

I’m not talking about the cast of Jersey Shore… most of them aren’t even from the Garden State. Famous figures are practically bred here. Demigod Bruce Springsteen, legend Bon Jovi, screen icon Meryl Streep, renowned singer Whitney Houston, hilarious actor Jason Alexander, moon-walking astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Forbes Magazine’s Steve Forbes…I could go on all day. You’re welcome, world.

3. Roller coasters and rides

Disney World has nothing on…

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