Confessions of a Presentation Princess

Just about every single class I’m enrolled in this semester is centered around a group project and presentation. It makes sense because as a young professionals entering the business world, this is exactly what our jobs will entail. Through the course of last semester and this one I have compiled a list of five of the most important aspects of working in a group and pulling off a spectacular presentation so you don’t end up like this. princess, tangled, nervous 1. There is no “I” in team. When it comes to working with a group, you can’t go in with the “everyone better pull their weight, I’m getting an A in this class” mentality. This is a negative mindset. You’re already assuming your team members are not going to pull their weight. Instead, figure out how to approach the project assigned strategically and think of how to make it convenient for every individual in the group. When your team senses your eagerness, the more likely they will reciprocate. mice, cinderella gif, teamwork 2. Oreo-style meetings I’ve found the most efficient way to pull of a great, substantial presentation is to have “Oreo-style meetings”. This means before any individual in the team starts working on any component of the assignment it is very important everyone on the team meets and discusses the bigger picture. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, everyone knows what is expected of them, and eliminates repetitive questions. After the first meeting the individuals in the team should be able to do their portion of the project efficiently. To ensure this, meeting again is crucial. This second meeting is to tie up any loose ends and make sure the presentation flows correctly. lindsay lohan, parent trap gif, oreo 3. Know the information. The more you know the information, the easier the presentation will go. Time constraints and lack of interest often make this aspect of the project difficult. Understand that when orally presenting a subject, people can usually pick up if you really know what your talking about. Bottom line: research, research, RESEARCH.. and stay current with your topic beauty and the beast, library, research   4. Don’t be afraid to be innovative. Everyone in your class is in the same predicament as your team. You can opt to make a standard PowerPoint presentation or you can “think outside of the box” and come up with a better way to present or demonstrate your information. As long as all of the Professor’s assignment requirements are met, there shouldn’t be any issues with the way it’s presented. olaf, frozen gif, snowman 5. Visuals are everything. Business presentations, in this day and age, NEED visuals. An audience usually has to connect the overall message to a visual in order to fully capture it.

princess diaries gif

So shake off those nerves… hsm and rock that presentation… frozen gif I hope these tips help you out!




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